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While I might not have visited recently, I had gotten more familiar with the place when I had been dining here regularly.

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A glaistig and a water nymph eating a companionable lunch looked up as the sweeping hush flowed over them. They took one glance our way, dropped their food, and fled to the door of the Bloom without a backward glance. Falin watched them go, a grim frown etching itself across his face. We reached the base of the tree, which acted as the door to Faerie, and I hesitated.

Falin gave me a moment—he was used to my reluctance to cross into the court—but Dugan openly studied me.

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Dugan nodded. You could go back to the shadow court and wait for me to let you know what I learn. Our court looks like the guilty party. If I leave now, I look as suspicious as those two independents who fled at the sight of the Winter Knight. Mitigating damage and preventing war is my main mission.

Put that way, he was rather between a rock and a hard place. Dugan gave me one of those looks again, like he was trying to puzzle me out.

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I shot him a weak smile and walked toward the tree. Falin fell in step beside me. After the barest hesitation, Dugan took up a position on my other side, so that we all circled the tree at the same time. Menu More Topics.

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