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This St. Augustine bride looked radiant in red. Yes, there are traditions that people want you to follow. Like all of us, both the prince and his princess have a family. And those family members have opinions. Your marriage.

No matter how many people you invite, there are always people who cannot attend your wedding. They may be in ill health, or they may not have the money to travel to a destination wedding right now. They could have passed away. It takes a lot to turn it around that quickly, so give us much notice as possible. We have seen couples videotape a special message to any absent guests and post the video on Facebook before the day is ended.

And during my own wedding, when my great-grandmother could not attend, I had a corsage delivered to her at the time of my wedding so that she still felt part of the party.

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Each of these acts honor the people who could not attend your wedding, and it lets them know that it is still important to you that they are included. If you have lost someone close to you, there are many poignant ways to make your day feel complete. You can create a small table with a photo and personal item, then stop in front of it for a moment of reflection before stepping in place in front of your soon-to-be-betrothed. You can incorporate a personal memento from that person into your wedding day ensemble—such as a veil or a handkerchief or a piece of jewelry.

Or consider a lovely bouquet where a small item—such as a framed photo or a small bible—are incorporated into the ribbon tying the flowers together. If I could only eat only food item the rest of my life it would be?

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If I had a gift card with unlimited money on I would head straight to this store? Favorite quote or personal saying? You can only expect what you inspect.

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Aries - March 21 - April Pottery Barn. Seeing a couples vision for their big day come to fruition. Relax with my husband and our rescue dogs. Get more information at: countryclubreceptions. Event Amenities Tanoan Country Club offers an array of upscale amenities and services accommodating events of all sizes and types.

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Testimonials "Thanks for all your help with our wedding! We had a wonderful experience and were extremely happy with the quality of food, the event space and the wonderful staff. I could only get married on ONE day and they helped me accommodate everything for the reception! The food was amazing and the view from the room was incredible. The city view was wonderful and the mountain appears huge next to the club.

You get beautiful pictures out on the golf course. The staff was wonderful! During the event we had appetizers sent to us on the golf course and we lounged in the bar downstairs while our guests ate and drank upstairs We were so blessed!