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Prayers Can Be Simple or Complex But They Should Be Sincere

It is preferable to cover the shoulders. For females: Any clothing that covers all of the body including the head except the face, hands, and according to Imam Abu-Hanifah the toes and a portion of the front of the feet. The way to offer Salah is:. Stand upright facing the direction of Al-Ka'bah. This position is called Qiyaam and the direction is called Qiblah in Arabic. The Qiblah in North America is towards the east with a slight angle towards the north. Make Niyyah intention in your heart for the prayer you want to pray. Raise your hands to your ears and say: "Allahu Akbar.

This is called Takbiratul Ihram. Now place your right hand on top of your left hand on the chest and look downward to the place where your forehead will touch the ground in the Sujood prostrati on and recite silently:.

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Blessed is Your name, and exalted is Your majesty. There is no god but You. After this, recite Suratul Fatihah the opening chapter of the Noble Qur'an :. Arrahmanir rahim. Maliki yawmiddin. Iyyaka na'budu wa iyyaka nasta'in.

How to Pray

Ihdinas siratal mustaqim. Siratal ladhina an'amta'alaihim, ghairil maghdubi'alaihim wa lad dhallin. Amin ". You alone we worship, from You alone we seek help. Guide us along the straight path - the path of those whom You favored, not of those who earned Your anger or went astray. However, if praying behind an Imam and he recites loudly, then it is not necessary for you to recite it. Now recite any other passage from the Noble Qur'an. Qul hu wal lahu ahad, allahus samad, lam yalid wa lam yulad, wa lam ya kul lahu kufuwan ahad.

Prayer Tips From the Bible

Say, He is Allah, the One. Allah is Eternal and Absolute. He begets not, nor was He begotten. And there is none co-equal unto Him. Now bow down saying: "Allahu Akbar " and place your hands on your knees and say silently: "Subhana Rabbiyal Adhim. This position is called Rukoo'. Keep your head in line with your back, and look downward to the place of Sujood. See step 9. Stand up from the bowing position saying: "Sami'Allahu liman hamidah " Allah hears those who praise Him "Rabbana lakal hamd.

Then recite silently: " Subhana Rabbiyal A'la. How Perfect is my Lord, the Highest three times. This position is called Sujood.

Help - I Don't Know How To Pray

You can scream at the top of your lungs and dart for the hilltops if it makes you appreciative, full of wonder, or thankful. Get into your prayer position.

This depends on the belief you have, if any. Sometimes expressing your thoughts physically can make the experience more complete. People vary in how they position themselves during prayer: sitting, kneeling, lying down on the floor, hands folded, clasped, or raised high, holding hands with other people, head bowed, dancing, prostrating, whirling, swaying, and so on. Some people even pray with their eyes open; and some closed. Every religious person has beliefs that feel right for them. What feels right for you? In addition to thinking about the position of your body, consider the position of your body in space.

Some religions believe in facing a certain direction during the act of prayer toward Mecca, for example. If there's a spiritual place in your life, consider its place relative to you. Prepare for praying. Dependent upon your belief, you may have a ritual way to prepare for praying.

You may find that it gets you in the right mindset. Prepare in whichever way you feel is comfortable or appropriate. All around the world, people are washing, anointing with oil, ringing bells, burning incense or paper, lighting candles, facing specific directions, making the sign of the cross, or fasting. Sometimes the preparation is directed by someone else, such as a spiritual friend, a group prayer leader, or a teacher of your beliefs. It can be in the few minutes beforehand such as washing or the sign of the cross or it can be for days or even weeks in the case of fasting.

Many religions take your appearance into account. Certain clothes are deemed appropriate or inappropriate for prayerful gatherings. If for some reason you find your current dress distracting, opt for a presentation that is more reminiscent of you and your spirituality. Begin the prayer.

How to Pray and Seek Answers

You can pray by speaking out loud, thinking, singing, etc. Some prayers are recited from memory or read from a book, while other prayers are more like conversations. You may open the prayer by calling on the God s or Deity s you are praying to, and asking for help or whatever your intention. There is no wrong way to go about it. If a memorized prayer or chant delivers the point of your intended message, there is no need to go about searching for words.

But if you have a specific thought, question, or concern in mind, any informal dialogue counts just as much. Make the request, ask the question, or just make your voice heard. You can ask for answers, seek strength, send good wishes to others, or give thanks. Perhaps the most basic forms of prayer are requests for help in becoming a good or better person, and requests that your deity s direct your prayer.

There is no length of time necessary for a prayer. After all, the big guy upstairs or one of the big guys girls would certainly appreciate even a "Hey, thanks!

The foundation: conversion

Don't feel the need to be constantly thinking, talking, or listening for messages. You may find a clearer mind that has the answers in contemplative silence. End the prayer. Some people end or close the prayer with a special word, phrase or a gesture, or simply by standing or sitting in silence for a minute or two, or saying "Amen. Remove yourself, still reflectively, from your position or location and go about your day, a little more spiritually than before. The amount of time usually isn't as important as the quality of time.