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Later it becomes clear that there may be a conspiracy surrounding the creation of humans in the first place. I won't ruin for you whether one theory or another was correct. Regardless, it satisfies sufficiently.

There are some distinct horrorific elements to the tale, but they're told as matter-of-factly as if this were everyday fare. Humans that fail in their programming are sent to be compacted, easy peasy. It sort of has a slow creeping horror when you hear that. And really it isn't until E is on the precipice of his own compaction that it's drilled home to the reader. Or maybe Soylent Green. The funny thing is that though Messina ratchets up the tension, you don't get a clear sense of the bloody process involved.

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And that is a-okay with me. Alas, due to the number of times the book repeats the human's official name of HueManTech ETC GX-2, I'm afraid this won't exactly be a readaloud, unless the reader is willing to shorten the little human's name "E" or "ETC" for the bulk of the book. Aside from that it's a pretty compact, smart bit of a novel.

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The kind of book that'll make kids question the ease with which they treat their own iPads, iPods, and other handy dandy devices like things without feelings. A great discussion topic would be a thought about a next generation tablet so smart it has opinions of its own. Hey, man. Stranger things could happen. Just read this book if you don't believe me. For ages Mar 11, Jenny Boyce rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley , kids-ya. First off, this book has a whopping long, intense title. But don't let the title discourage your young reader or yourself because the story itself is an easy and immensely enjoyable read.

The human is about Henry's age 13 and while Henry's parents believe that the human is just "a machine" Henry knows that there is more to it than that. The reader pursues Henry as he faces the troubles that most young boys face- being teased at school, struggling with schoolwork, being unable to relate to parents, and meeting new friends.

This story is incredibly fascinating, even to someone who isn't a young reader. The author takes the world we know, humans living their lives with robots as machines, and flips it upside down. In this story the robots are living their lives and the humans are the machines, manufactured in a factory to aid the robots with their daily lives.

While that is interesting in itself, the author did such a fantastic job of creating the world in this story that this book is a gem to read. As I was reading I found myself thinking, "that is so clever" as I read a certain part of the story. When Henry is reading the owners manual for his human I found myself laughing out loud and realizing that the author truly put a lot of thought into this story.

The characters in this story are wonderful. While the majority of the characters are robots, they have human traits, making them easy to relate to and understand. I found Henry to be a lovable main character.

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He acted in a way that many 13 year old boys will be able to relate to and I found myself loving his emotions. It's easy to get caught up in his excitement when he finds out that his family is getting a human or when he finds out that his father met his idol!

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Henry's emotions and reactions felt real, making him a fantastic main character. The writing in this story was strikingly enjoyable to read. The author places subtle humor throughout the entire story, in a way that even the adult reader will enjoy picking it out of the pages.

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The author also seems to have writing for a broad audience mastered. The young reader ages , roughly will enjoy reading this story, or having it read to them, yet this book is so masterful in its ideas and humor that the majority of adults would be able to enjoy and appreciate this book. I'm extremely glad that I read this book; it was enjoyable and humorous in a way that I haven't encountered in a long time.

I will definitely be recommending this book to any young or young at heart people that I know, especially if they have an interest in robots or humor. I received this book for review purposes via NetGalley. Mar 18, Katy Noyes rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley-reviewcopy.

At the time of writing, this has no other Amazon reviews. I'm surprised, as this is a highly enjoyable, clever and very funny children's book, with robots and humans switching roles to play master and servant. I can only imagine that the title might put readers off, and if I'm honest, I would have chosen somehow a little more pithy myself. And a slightly more colourful cover though I do like the style of illustration that continues on each chapter page. So why should you and your year old give this a go?

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If they like robots, it's a winner. In a world of robots, in the town of Sodium Falls, Henry is a bit of an oddball - damaged by a virus he's not as fast-processing as his classmates. And he's on his "thirteenth upgrade", a time when "you finally had all your standard apps but not the skills to fully control them". Sound familiar? Henry lives at 27 Disk Drive tee hee with his father, head of the Upgrade Processing Department and mother, a managerial model-bot and owner of the Shine Bar.

The fun begins when they agree to take on a new HueMan helper after the last rampaged through the beauty shop with various cleaning items. Henry is thrilled - everyone else has one. But from the moment it arrives, Henry notices his human seems much more capable and self-aware than any human he's ever heard of. It can read, argue, make up words. Is it It's a funny and witty topsy-turvy tale. Kids will love pointing out the wordplay. There's lots of smirks for adults too.

I loved the human's instruction manual complete with illustrations. The 'cerebral cortexinator' for example, "if worked too hard develops a 'headache'". For every problem a leaking nose, waste disposal issues, a bot must "contact service provider". Loved it. There's a conspiracy plot that develops when Henry and his human whom he calls E discover that E may have been created for nefarious reasons, and they go off in search of answers.

This is the weaker part for me. I was enjoying the scenario and puns too much. It's only around pages altogether and could be a real winner with the target market. Review of a Netgalley advance copy. Jan 06, Erin rated it really liked it. A world of robots, where humans are the "invention"? Sign me up. This book isn't about how robots took over the world; and there is no dystrophy society of humans trying to regain their power.

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Instead this is a world where robots are the citizens, and one inventive robot came up with the great appliance: Humans! Despite it being a book intended for a younger audience, this is a wonderful short read. Lynn has a way of making you feel a part of the story by including news-clippings, own A world of robots, where humans are the "invention"? Lynn has a way of making you feel a part of the story by including news-clippings, owners manuals, and other such things as part of the narrative. I love her unique play with words, and how she reinvents our world to fit the characters.

It is even better because while it is as if humans and robots have switched roles, in personality and mindset they have not.