Die Reichweite der Unterlassungserklärung bei Online-Archiven im Rahmen des Presserechts (German Edition)

As the president of the Chamber, André Dupin, a jurist close to Louis Philippe, explained, its population was made up not of citizens, but of legally diverse.

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Ich bin einmal im Leben von einem Pferd runtergefallen oder eher -geworfen und es hat durchaus ziemlich wehgetan. Wo 'The Office' ja bald endet oder schon vorbei ist? Ob harambee wohl immer noch in Kenya ist? Frankfurt had a rather small center and grew, but the locals often still relate to their old community. Some other reason is that for simplification? Riding: I fell from horses several times but 'damals' TM I was used to it and fell much better Helmets were not really common, but when you do cross country riding a helmet even protects the face, glasses and "hairdo" LOL.

My injuries are getting better but very slowly. I am waiting for the craftsmen to inspect the floor which hopefully can be laid Is that correct? ALDI had today special offers in fall flowers and bulbs, people went mad! At queues of 10 people at four cashiers! I needed something else, so I had to be there too, but they are fast Comment hm--us is right, Gibson, you should have a check-up - an undetected concussion might have bad consequences later.

And even if you're OK now, you should wear a helmet. I understand wanting air around your head - I feel the same, which is why I never wear a cap even in the coldest winter for some reason, however, I sometimes like hats in summer. But if you break your head, air is going to be the least of your concerns :- waltherwithh, I'm glad things are looking up a bit, even if it's going slowly :- Lara, maybe writing a book would also be therapeutic for you, in the sense that you can gain some distance and laugh at the stupid things happening in your company instead of feeling hurt by them - and in any case, I agree that it would be a funny book, because from what I see here you know how to write engagingly.

Comment walther: I am waiting for the craftsmen to inspect the floor which hopefully can be laid Is that correct? Ja, ist in Ordnung. Man kann auch sagen: "which can hopefully go in next week", z. Ich musste wahrscheinlich die alten CCs lesen, um mich an vielen Ereignisse hier zu erinnern. Comment Lara, there are countless guides and courses for writing out there, some online for free. However, you best learn writing by writing , and then getting critique from people who know good writing from bad and don't feel compelled to sugarcoat anything.

And I'm sure people on LEO would also help you if you asked nicely :- Of course, I don't want to talk you into writing if that just isn't your thing. Maybe tomorrow you get offered your dream job, and everything that is getting on your nerves now will be laughed away happily? I certainly hope you'll find success, one way or the other.

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Comment Yes, hm, I'm still in Kenya By the way: it's Kenia in German and I can now tell you a story after it ended well last night: When we arrived in the schools on Tuesday morning we learned that two students from lower primary were missing. The evening before together with a friend they had sought some adventure and just boarded matatus in order to get hither and thither probably not the right form here :- but how would you say hierhin und dorthin in this context?

It seems that small kids are not always asked for money when they are in a matatu. In the evening the friend insisted on going home, all three travelled to a place close to the home of that friend and the boy arrived around 8pm. The other two kids siblings had planned to go home as well but they never arrived. The next morning everybody was concerned, but most said that they probably had spent the night somewhere and that they would return on Tuesday.

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However, they did not and they did not come home on Wednesday. During the night from Wednesday to Thursday they were found in a town more than km away from Nairobi. Apparently they are well and will return to Nairobi soon. You can probably imagine the size of the load we got off our mind. Comment SCNR:- Now we learn from harambee's story that Kenyans start running at a very early age and why they are so successful in long distance running competitions.

But glad that they were found and will return safe and sound. Can you find out what really happened? Wie kam es dazu, dass sie in einer Stadt km entfernt landeten?

No Shame, No Fear

Comment Just a quick hello to confirm that I'm still alive ; It's not really funny, though: in the last 24 hours two people have told me about colleagues of theirs who actually died after a relatively harmless accident bikes, in both cases, but still. Immer mutig sein und prompt wieder aufsteigen The only time I really hurt myself was many, many years ago when I fell off inside the arena and hit the side fence.

All I wanted to do was go home and cry, but my instructor said that if I left now I wouldn't come back - once you had a whole week to think about what might have happened, the fear wouldn't go away again. She made me get up in the saddle again and do at least another five minutes, and what she said kind of made sense.

It worked, too, which enabled me to fall off again in later years ; But I experienced the same gap between riding on TV and riding in real life: on TV it looks so easy. You could top that with your eyes closed. I think your plan sounds excellent. Just don't forget your poor LEO friends once you're rich and famous in that jacuzzi overlooking the sea. What on earth happened to make them turn up three days later and three hundred kilometres away?

There's another story in there Have you never heard of hat hair? Gibson: Ich bin froh, dass du noch am Leben bist und es dir gut geht.

The Curse of Troy (Accursed Women Book 2)

Trotzdem trage ich immer brav einen Fahrradhelm. Mein Gehirn ist mir zu viel wert. Lara: Oh, ja. Schreib bitte ein erfolgreiches Buch! Comment Amy - if you still look for a proof reader, I can take care of it for you. I'll switch on my PM right away :. Comment Danke, I 'm still looking for someone.

I just get a feeling of losing connection when I see how hard-working all you snails are! Almost no chance to go into each one's input what is really sad. But I guess you just wrote this to make this little correction on Dixie's posting. And, as everyone else, what story is there behind their running away.

Btw: I never read the word "Matatu" - may be it's the name for the Kenyan buses? Gibson: I'm glad to read that you're well after this downfall!

Georgi Heike

I think that you should wear a helmet - although I don't like this feeling of constriction I always wear one when riding my bike. Most of the times I must admit - although I know that this is unreasonable as it's not a matter of fact how long the trip is - when you fall you fall Lara Chu: Yes, write a book, please!

I think it would be much fun to read it. I once worked in a company where I had many of those experiences, too. I used to say that some day I would write a book about this. I realise that I just need to sleep a bit - not that you think I was up all night long. I had a catnap in front of my TV but then awoke. Nevertheless there are only 2 hours till I have to get up again to dress for my job. I'm glad it's Friday!

Comment If still necessary, I may help as proof reader too. Do not make the kids heroes, but let them know that you and others were worried, perhaps they understand. Falling better, 3 explanations: - I was MUCH younger then - I practiced Judo where falling is part of the exercises - Falling from a horse was like a part of practice in the riding school as well.

We should be aware that horses might take fright for some reasons. One of the horses in that riding school was "trained" to take sudden jumps on a signal of the teachers Imagine what happened, but we had to wear a helmet at such lessons and the ground was soft soil in the riding hall. Comment waltherwithh: ouch, that sounds like harsh training - but I understand why your riding teacher wanted you to have that experience in controlled conditions first. Matatus under a plethora of different names seem to be the most important public transport system in Africa.

During my time in South Africa, where they're called minibus taxis, we used them to get everywhere in and around Capetown. And then we went to Johannesburg, which is a much bigger city, and stumbled into an intricate system of handsigns to indicate where you wanted your minibus taxi to go Of course we failed completely and had to walk about an hour to get to where we were actually headed, because we had landed in a bad part of the city and where too scared to tell anyone that we were tourists who had lost our way, so we didn't dare ask which taxi route we should take from there.

Ich kenne solche Minibusse aus Litauen. Wenn man aussteigen wollte, sagte man "Prasom, sustokit cia," und der Minibus hielt an. Billig und praktisch. Oder auch who had lost our way. We didn't You can i magine what happened. B ut we had to wear a helmet at such those lessons , and the ground was soft soil in the riding hall. I had an exclamation in mind but omitted the "! Would "Imagine what happened! Comment I'm cat-sitting at my mother's and writing on my laptop with some dongle-like thingy to get me on the internet, and I feel very James Bond.

I've never done that before, at home I work from my desktop and don't even use wifi but an old-fashioned cable, so I'm delighted this thing even works. I'm easily impressed by technology, as you can probably tell.

Some buses in Germany stop at your request after eight p. The bus wouldn't make a detour, obviously, but if you want to be let out between stops, they do it. But I don't think I've ever seen a 'wave and stop' version for getting ON the bus.

Sounds fun. But now Amy has an incentive to improve her Lithuanian ;. Would you still be able to get by with Russian if one spoke Russian? Or ist that a complete no-no?