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Helge Kjellevold, Managing Director of the Preikestolen Foundation told Norwegian broadcaster NRK he was very happy with the record numbers, especially as numbers in the off-season also showed growth. However, the Foundation faces a problem. The sheer numbers of people hiking the trail in June, July and August has left it difficult to manage and maintain. In only the second week of July, Norsk Folkehjelp Norwegian People's Aid reported more rescues from the trail than in the whole previous year. The reason for the increased numbers could be many and varied.

However, it's clear from reports that many tourists that haven't looked into their trip in any detail are unprepared for the hike. Many don't understand that to reach Pulpit Rock, a four-hour hike is required to get there and back from the car park. Many are said to be totally unprepared for the rocky trail and often slippy terrain. Some don't bring adequate food and water. Read more : Could Norway's Preikestolen Collapse?

The Foundation conducted a survey of visitors earlier this summer. Foundation management are looking to make improvements next year. One area they are targeting is tourist buses, in particular the number allowed at the trailhead car park. Kjellevold said they will look to spread out their arrival times so as not to overwhelm the trail. If you really want to make the trip, do so! Our commitment to staying one step ahead of scripters and hackers is unyielding.

No mercy, no second chances. All rights reserved. Join our Discord. Our Platform 26th of June, All about our Alderon Games launcher, and outlining our other projects and how they will directly benefit Breaking Point. Breaking Point An online multiplayer survival game set in the decades following the downfall of modern society to a deadly viral outbreak.

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Dynamic Loot Our solution to an age-old problem that has plagued survival games. AI Intelligent, nuanced, and highly dangerous; these are the characteristics that were previously impossible but are now well within our reach. Factions A long time feature of Breaking Point taken to an exciting new level.

Medical Completely redesigned for the new Breaking Point universe! Environment A beautifully vast landscape with a number of different environments to explore and lose yourself in. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Don't like the characters, don't like the set-up, don't like the feel of the prose. But I'll give it the standard DNF 2-stars regardless; it's not poorly written in the grammatical sense, so perhaps it's me not jiving with the author's style.

Or maybe it's not one of her better books? View all 5 comments. May 13, Dave Law rated it it was amazing Shelves: all-time-favorites.

A Night at Richard Nixon’s

Wow, utterly amazing! I know fans of her other mysteries or traditional mysteries in general may baulk and think this too melodramatic but for me this type of unconventional mystery is precisely the right kind of story. Yes, there was a murder but it happened ten years ago and in fact at the start of the story we even told who committed it but he is thought to have died in a snow storm.

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To say anything more would be revealing too much, better to emerge yourself in the story. Of the many aspects Wow, utterly amazing!

Breaking point (psychology)

Of the many aspects that enthralled me the one that most strikes me is the decency of some of the main characters. Sure, some other characters are not quite so nice but they are portrayed as human and you can easily understand and relate to their motives. But the decency of the best characters gives your heart joy and a wish to find such people still existing today. This is without a doubt one of my all time favorite novels and I look forward to reading it again someday. Feb 20, Kim rated it liked it Shelves: mystery-crime-r. I'm actually listening to a Librivox version of this mystery.

Heartbreaking reason Britney Spears shaved her head in revealed | Metro News

About a young doctor living in the east, who can only remember his life from the most recent 10 years. People from a traveling theater group recognize him as someone from the west who ran away after a murder. Very good. Shelves: e-books. Free download at Many Books.

My last Mary Roberts Rinehart book of the year, and while it may not be what many would consider a true mystery, I couldn't be happier with ending the year on such a high note. Once again, and I should have know better by now, I wasn't expecting the focus to be on the personal relationships so much, but I didn't care.

Mary Roberts Rinehart is so br My last Mary Roberts Rinehart book of the year, and while it may not be what many would consider a true mystery, I couldn't be happier with ending the year on such a high note. Mary Roberts Rinehart is so brilliant at creating characters and relationships between them, that I would be willing to read just about anything by her. At this point in time, if I come across a straight out, full blown romance book that she wrote, I would jump right in, no doubts clouding my mind. As usual, the synopsis from the back cover is a little misleading, both in tone and in point of view.

Instead of focusing on Elizabeth, the book mainly focuses on Dick, a young reporter trying to garner the truth, and various other characters as they come in and out of the story. We do hear Elizabeth's voice from time to time, but most of the story is taken over by Dick as he tries to restore his past.

It's a past he doesn't remember, but one he feels he needs to know about in order to move on with his life, a life he wants with Elizabeth. Now I don't want you to get the impression that there isn't a mystery here, because there is. Dick Livingstone doesn't remember anything about his past. Other than for the last ten or so years, in which he went to war, medical school, and now practicing medicine with his uncle and aunt in a small town, he knows nothing about his life.

He's been told a few things by David, the aforementioned uncle, but he doesn't really remember them. It's that lack of knowledge that keeps him from moving on with his life, especially once he realizes Elizabeth feels the same way about him. What he doesn't know is that he is about to open up a whole can of worms. He doesn't know that his past includes a torrid affair with an up and coming actress, a vast inheritance which he drank and partied up, a murder, and a drunken escape into snow covered mountains.

From that moment on, every trace of who Dick Livingstone was before vanished, most thought he was dead. It's only when he goes back to uncover the truth, that the horror of his past finally catches up with him. Now it's up to Dick, David, the young reporter, and a few other friends to piece together the truth and finally put the past to rest. Hopefully it won't be too late for Elizabeth or those left behind.

Of course, since this is a Gothic romance, I'm sure he can figure out what happens in the end. Group read with Public Domain Readers. I read it on Gutenberg. Audiobook on Librivox. Dick Livingstone is a successful doctor. But he has a mysterious past that he can't remember.

He didn't care about the future till he knew of his love to Elizabeth Wheeler. Now, he can't propose to her without knowing his past. He's afraid that his past might negatively affect his dear ones.

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He must know who he was? Why does David object to Dick's going to Norada? Did he commit a murder in his past? Or is it som Group read with Public Domain Readers. Or is it someone else who did it? Will he ever be free and start afresh again with Elizabeth?