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Again, this is a lot more expensive but just another option. Thanks for all the advice! An instructor of mine said only 1 student from my school ever got into 3rd year there, so I'm not gonna count on it, but it could be worth a try.

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I also have the option of transferring directly into a degree in Denmark, which is more expensive but not as insane as american tuition. It's a direct pathway in as long as my GPA stays up, but once I add in living costs it could be a tight squeeze. Yeah I talked to the program coordinators at BCIT and they highly advised against applying because like you said, they only accept 1 student which is insanely difficult.

You could apply for advanced standing in their 2 year program that eventually leads into the bachelor program but that's sort of risky if you are not accepted. Would this work? I live In Saint Paul, Minnesota and am researching which colleges are best for this path. Highly doubtful that any courses in an architectural technology program will make an meaningful dent into credits for a bachelors degree.

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Find out what school s you might want to go to, find out what transfers, and only take those courses. You also won't be able to work very much during school. Your best bet may be to take generals at a cheaper place and transfer after a year our two depending on the programs you want your bachelors degree in. Each degree is at a different school but if they exist elsewhere could be an option. I have B. Arch and if I did it again I think I would have considered going to a community college for a year and cramming in a bunch of core classes.

Where I was the community colleges were part of the university system so core classes transferred between all schools in the system. Are you sure you want to block this user and hide all related comments throughout the site? Features News Events Competitions.

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About Advertising Contact Newsletters Privacy. Search Archinect. Hello, I am a student in a 2 year AT diploma at a Canadian Technical college, and am at a crossroads in my academic life. May 15, 17 am. Your ceiling is pretty obvious with only a AT diploma.

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Make the switch to a arch bachelor as soon as you can. Build your portfolio with a healthy mix of conceptual design, progress sketches and a hint of technical work. The main error most AT applicants do is turn over their college homework as portfolio work. This never passes the admin review Don't worry about grade so much, as long as you make the cut off. The BSc Hons in Architectural Technology programme content has been developed to assist students who are in or plan to enter design, construction or operations in the building industry. The course has been designed to equip students with the knowledge, understanding, and skills required for success in future employment or for progression to a postgraduate degree.

Each module will be assessed through assignments related, where possible, to workplace-relevant activities. Architectural Technology concentrates on the science of building. Architectural Technologists become specialists in preparing detailed drawings and specifications for building projects.

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They work closely with architects and other members of the design team. Consider a Foundation or Pathway course at Rushmore Business School to prepare for your chosen course:. If you do not meet the entry requirements for this course then consider one of these courses from another institution:. There are 15 other courses listed from Rushmore Business School.

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A selection of these are displayed below:. Search for a course. About BSc Hons Architectural Technology at Rushmore Business School Introduction We are currently experiencing a boom in the construction industry and companies in the sector are actively searching for Architectural Technologist. Course Objective The course aims to: Foster a critical and reflective understanding of the areas of study and their application Assist students to develop a range of skills and competencies which will enable them to make an effective contribution to their chosen careers.

Create a range of learning opportunities which facilitate access and progression to allow personal and career development and the achievement of appropriate awards. Establish an appropriate foundation for a lifetime of continuing professional development.

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Develop an appreciation of the inter-relationships between the pofessions and specialisms involved in the built environment. Courses you may be interested in at other institutions Below are some suggested courses at other providers that you may also be interested in:. Masters in General Management. Find out More.

Foundation Year in Art and Design. Bachelor of Psychological Science Honours. Chemical Engineering. Master in European and International Business Management.